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L2K scan gun
€70,34 incl. VAT

Scan gun | Sunmi L2k  

Code: SUN045
pixlr bg result (4)
€78,13 incl. VAT

RFID Scanner | Sunmi L2s, L2H

Code: SUN180
€99,08 incl. VAT

2D scanner | USB

Code: SUN029
uhf trigger gun for sunmi l2k
€685,54 incl. VAT

RFID Scanner | Sunmi L2k

Code: SUN076
€39,51 incl. VAT

Scanner base | Sunmi NS021 | flexible positioning

Code: SUN085
T2 msr nfc
€64,04 incl. VAT

MSR module | NFC | Sunmi T1 | Sunmi T2 | Sunmi T2 Lite

Code: SUN018
nfc msr
€121,42 incl. VAT

MSR module | NFC | Sunmi T1 | Sunmi T2 | Sunmi T2 Lite

Code: SUN158
Sunmi Blink 2D scanner
On stock (>5 pcs)
€80,17 incl. VAT

2D skener | USB

Code: SUN005
18325 yumite yt 2000
€55,55 incl. VAT

Yumite YT-2000 is a 1D&2D code reader compatible with Windows, Android and iOS operating systems. It enables scanning without the need to press a button.

Code: YUMI003
€85,33 incl. VAT

The Yumite YT-2402 is a wireless QR barcode reader capable of reading both 1D and 2D codes. It can read barcodes from the LCD screen of a monitor, tablet or mobile phone.

Code: YUMI001
YT 892 scanner 2
€56,04 incl. VAT

Barcode scanner with integrated Bluetooth technology for the easiest possible code scanning. Sold together with the stand.

Code: YUMI0044
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€80,37 incl. VAT

Yumite-YT-J2303 is a wireless bluetooth 1D&2D code reader. With 433Mhz signal support, it can transmit the scanned code up to 300m. Compatible with Windows and Android.

Code: YUMI002
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